A Day Of Love Galore And Getting Rid Of Cold Sores

It is Valentine’s Day and the timing could not be worse! You have a big first date or fancy dinner plans and here comes an uninvited guest. Are you going to let a cold sore get in the way of a great time? Of course not.



  • Blowing Kisses Instead Of Giving Kisses

At any point during a cold sore occurrence, touching and sharing things should be avoided to help prevent spreading to others. Kissing fits this description so it is a good idea to hold off for now. Explaining this to others can be a difficult topic, but makes them aware of how to help today and at any point in the future.

  • Thoughtful Valentine’s Day Gifts

A floral arrangement makes a wonderful gift. Another way to show you care is to help soothe the painful and itchy sensation that comes with a cold sore. A remedy option like Lemon Balm by Urban ReLeaf comes in the form of salve in a stick. It can fit in your pocket (and probably any floral arrangement) which allows for frequent application to cold sores.



  • Chocolate Can Trigger Different Things

Dealing with cold sores is not an easy journey and neither is avoiding delicious food. Especially chocolate! The issue with chocolate though is that it is high in arginine which can trigger a cold sore and virus replication. However, you probably should not keep chocolate from someone that does not have a cold sore. That could trigger unhappiness!

  • It Is Not All About Chocolate

Besides chocolate, there are other foods to avoid before and during a cold sore. Various exercises and supplements can help boost the immune system. More to come, but check out the FCS Survey in the meantime if you have not done so yet!




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