It’s time for the BE A REMEDY challenge! Someone with a cold sore can experience feelings of discomfort and embarrassment. Let’s help others feel better and take action to make a difference. Here are 6 things you can do:

Spread Positive Energy

Share words of comfort! Being kind online or in person can not only be uplifting, but contagious as well.

Show You Care

Ask how you can help! Offer assistance like running to a store since that person may try to avoid going out in public.

Make An Impact

Teach others to be mindful! It’s already a dreadful experience and making fun of or belittling someone can make it worse.

Act With Integrity

Lead by example! Be a role model by treating everyone with respect and showing empathy towards others.

Make People Smile

Cheer them up! Laughter can help with stress relief and some people even say it’s the best medicine.

Give Others Comfort

Take the time to listen! Letting others tell you about their experiences can be enough to make them feel better.

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