Just Another Day With A Cold Sore

Waking up with a cold sore can ruin what would be a typical day. Although the feeling is unpleasant, this is a good time to remain calm and to remember it really isn’t a big deal. Focus on setting your priorities and finding opportunities to take care of yourself throughout the day.



1) Go Online

This may not be the first time you got a cold sore, but each occurrence seems to feel that way. You might have a go-to remedy already in mind or you might decide to look online to find new options. A cool feature about this website is you can track your results on a daily basis. Check out the FCS Survey to learn more – this table shows how many responses were provided here for each day of a cold sore occurrence:

2) Make Plans

Take a moment to think through your day and get ready to conquer it. Juggling school, work, and other responsibilities can be stressful as is so creating a schedule should help you stay focused. Finding time to administer cold sore remedies is something you control. Also avoid overdoing yourself as that can lead to even more stress.

3) Be Hygienic

There are basic things you do everyday that can go a long way with a cold sore. Try not to touch it, but wash your hands as soon as possible if you do. Cold sores are contagious so it’s not a good idea to share tableware such as cups and cutlery. Another way to help prevent spreading cold sores is to use healing patches such as Compeed Cold Sore Patches by Johnson which cover cold sores. Are you on the go? No worries! The packaging also includes a mirror for your convenience.

4) Stay Proactive

There are a bunch of different remedies available online to purchase for yourself and someone you know or see. However, using these remedies is not the only thing everyone should do during a cold sore occurrence. It’s also important to eat healthy and boost the immune system. Stay tuned to find out which foods and supplements could help, what to avoid, and much more!


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