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So which solutions do you pick when there are many recommended options?

Is there a place to keep track of your results during each stage of a cold sore?

FCS Survey Results

Read the Medical & Website Disclaimers before taking any actions. As a reminder, the main goals for this website are to keep learning and finding what a lot of people do for each cold sore occurrence and to help others going through this journey. Let’s also not forget that sneaky cold sore needs to go away as soon as possible! Survey responses are captured in the tables and charts below.

Your Help = Survey Responses

The daily count of survey responses for 2 weeks is shown here. More participation means more feedback for the 4 remedy selection options:

Top 3 Remedy Selection Groups

Before this section, 4 remedy selection options were introduced. People can choose 0, 1, or more of these options so there are 16 different selection groups. The table here shows the 3 most picked groups ranked in each cold sore stage.

For Example: 3 people choose the Tingling stage. 2 people use the remedies in G and 1 person uses the remedies in M. The Tingling stage would show G ranked #1 and M ranked #2.

#1 Remedy Selection Group

No matter which day you are on in the cold sore journey, this table shows the most picked group for that day. You may be doing something different than what a lot of people do.

Daily Usage For Each Remedy

There are 4 remedy selection options and you may be using them multiple times a day or not at all. This section shows the usage count for each option.

Next Day Results Tracker

For the 16 remedy selection groups, this table shows which 5 groups were picked the most for each next day result: worse, same, or better. These groups are ranked within the 3 results.


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